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Last Updated on May. 26, 2020
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SexyAndFunny Forums

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SexyAndFunny Forums is an adult forum that’s filled with tons of conversation and a little bit of amateur nudity. Most of it is dedicated to people making jokes and talking about things like politics and current events. There are a few sections that are dedicated to porn and sex. It’s all totally free to use and there are no restrictions here at all. There’s no porn to download but some of the users like to embed their own amateur softcore porn videos. You can watch them right on the site rather than dealing with file sharing sites.
The S&F Hotties thread on SexyAndFunny Forums should be your first stop here. This is where you can find the women who use the site showing themselves off for everyone. Lots of the girls are amateur models who like to play around with nudity. You can find girls like Jeny Smith who loves to get naked in public and record it. Then there are women like Julia who cosplays as a naughty teacher. She shares some pictures here but always has links to her pay site. There’s a mixed bag of what you can get here, but it’s all done by amateurs who love the site.
The SexyAndFunny Forums works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and most of it is organized well. There are just a few threads that are dedicated to general discussion and not organized at all. It’s all simply designed and will work on any system that you might have. You can also access it right on your mobile browser. There are no ads to deal with so you can get in, have your fun, and get out with no issues. It’s a great site to talk about anything you want and see some amateur nudity.


  • Watch embedded videos instead of having to download them
  • S&F Hotties thread is filled with real amateur women showing off and talking
  • Download full size images


  • No hardcore porn or actual sex on the site
  • No search bar to find anything specific
  • Lots of general discussion threads with no organization
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