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Last Updated on Apr. 4, 2020
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Space Paws

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Space Paws is a game for anyone who like furries. It’s free to play and you can get the older version as browser games. The newest ones are only available as downloads. If you want to play the final version, it’s currently only open to Patrons. The game is created by an independent game designer who maintains it all through a blog. He doesn’t have any ads that you have to deal with. He only has his Patreon as a stream of income for the game. It makes sense that the full versions is only there for the people who helped him to fund it. There’s a lot of sex, but it will take a little while before you get to start seeing it.
The Space Paws game is based on your journey through space. You interact with different species of animals on different planets. Each one will come with its own questline to get to the person in charge. They’ll be the only one who can help you out in your ultimate goal. It’s a lot of fun to get lost in the storyline and the game will keep you going for hours on end. You won’t be able to get through it all in one sitting, so make sure you save it. You can do that locally or on a server, depending on the version and where you’re playing it.
Go to by Taifun Riders blog to get the latest version of Space Paws which works really well. It’s a simple blog with all of the information that you’ll need. You can read about the latest updates and patches right there. There’s no comments section, so you’ll need to join Patreon to interact with other fans. As long as you like adventure and sex with humanlike animals, you’ll love what you can get in this game. The artwork is great and the gameplay is simple enough that you can just jump right in and start having fun.


  • Older versions available to play on browser
  • Mini games to increase your stats
  • Lots of furry action


  • Final version only available to Patrons
  • Latest version only available as download
  • Taifun Riders blog is on Blogger
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