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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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StufferDB is here for anyone who has a thing for fat girls. The women that you can find here go far beyond being BBWs. They’re morbidly obese stuffers and gainers and they love it. You get to ogle their hot bodies and watch them eat to your heart’s content. You can look at the pics and download them for free. Even though the images are high resolution, most of them come from amateurs. That means that they’re taken with webcams and cellphones in poor lighting. You’ll also see plenty of blurred images that you can barely make out. If you’re into overweight amateurs though, then this is where you can find the real deal.
The Before and After category lets you see fat girls before and after they put on a whole lot of weight. While most people like to post their losses, these girls put it all out on the line for you. They want to put on as much weight as they possibly can. You can see them in their chubby bodies on the StufferDB pics before they go all in to the point where they can barely stand up. They also spend plenty of time showing off their stomachs. You’ll be able to see all of the close ups you want and there are always more coming.
Stuffer DB runs pretty well and is easy to figure out. Everything that you need is right on the homepage. There’s a long list of categories to the left of the screen to help you get around. You’ll be able to see the larger sections, as well expanding them to see what’s in them. You can even go so far as seeing individual girls to get right into the post that you want. It works really quickly and you’ll never find yourself looking around for anything at all.


  • Before and After category has real fat girls from next door showing off
  • Rate and comment on anything that you want
  • Download high quality images for free


  • Most of the images are taken from webcams or cellphones
  • Galleries tend to only hold one picture
  • No slideshows