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The Fappening Wiki is the first stop for celebrity nudes for thousands of people. It’s been around for a long time and acts as an archive for celebrity leaks. They have tons of celebrities and tens of thousands of nude images. They’re also verified to make sure they’re authentic. They take the time to study any nude image that doesn’t include a face. They’ll point out all of the identifying marks to prove that it’s the celebrity you’re looking for. For instance, a close up of naked breasts may have a mole that you can see on a celebrity in a clothed picture. They’ll circle it in red and point out all of the other reasons they think it’s her.
The Celebrity New section is why you should keep coming back to this TheFappening site. It lets you see all of the newest nudes and leaks as they come to light. It’s update every time new images or news comes out. You can usually see two or more naked celebrities in the same post. They also go out of their way to post non celebrity leaks. There’s always an organization somewhere with women getting naughty and showing themselves off to the camera just for fun.
TheFappening works really well and is very simply designed. They keep the ads to an absolute minimum as well. There are small headers and sidebars, but that’s it. There are no annoying pop ups or redirects at all. It makes it one of the easiest leak sites to use. You can view and download all of the images for free. Simply right click and it’s yours forever. The only real problem is that there’s no way to search at all. The only way to find your celebrity is to browse through all of the names. It’s a fair trade off and it means you can find other celebrities that you never knew got naked on camera.


  • Thousands of leaked nudes to view and download for free
  • Break downs of close up nudes to prove authenticity
  • Celebrity News section shows new leaks as they happen


  • Can’t view sex tapes on site
  • No way to search for celebrities
  • No user comments or ratings system