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  • Honest Escorts Services Reviews
  • An Awesome, Secure, And Interactive Community
  • Access To Escorts Service Providers From Your Home Region


  • Requires Users To Sign-Up To Utilize The Site Fully
  • Takes Some Getting Used To For Newbies
  • Strict In Terms Of Language And Conduct


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TNABoard Local Escorts Review Site

TNABoard is proof that escorting is very popular. You will be surprised to find close to 2M registered members on this board site testifying to the great erotic services they have received from babes in the local sex business. These individuals probably live down the block, but you will never really know because the site maintains user anonymity to maintain a secure space for users to interact and indulge in all sorts of discussions. There are tons of Ads from service providers to choose from. Also, the babes featured are hot and, at best irresistible; it is easy to make your pick based on the reviews from locals who have used their services before. Hence, by the time you meet any of them, you already have a rough idea of what kind of experience to look forward to and what in return is expected from you. Granted, the site has taken it upon itself to monitor the reviews to spot out dishonest reviews and unnecessary ranting. There is probably no reason why you shouldn’t trust well-rated providers.

Service Providers & Services Reviewed

The TNABoard is bursting with escorts and sex workers hungry to please. There are always plenty of Ads each day as they strive to win over new clientele for services such as; companionship, massage, body rub, fetish, and LGBT. Each of these service providers has an insightful profile providing details of their physical aspects, location, services, availability time frame, and legit photos to prove they’ve got irresistible sexy bodies. The new and older customers can comment on the escorts' erotic photos as proof that they actually look like that. This helps them acquire new clients and keep the existing ones interested. Even better, the gallery is a one-stop corner for all these hot babes’ photos, and you can always stop by to perhaps rub one or a few out.

Choose From An Exciting List Of Group Boards

There are over a hundred exciting groups on TNABoard where members with common interests gather to talk about respective topics and interests. Some of the most outstanding among them include; big titties committee, MILF lovers, Gangbangs, prostrate massage lovers, double or nothing, men only, private video and photo enthusiasts, chicks with furry kitty’s, great resources for women in the industry, hot models parties, dirty dancing, ladies only, and many more. Basically, you will most certainly find a group that resonates with your interests, whether sexual or general. However, you will have to be patient because joining some groups requires approval, which might take some time. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to participate and seek advice on improving your escort sex experience. After all, there is absolute anonymity between members and literally no chance that anyone will single you out in real life because you dropped a certain bomb in the groups.

Regionionalized Truth In Advertising Groups

TNABoard groups are classified with regard to regions. Depending on where you live, you can always join the groups to learn and explore what the service providers in that region have to offer and read reviews from their previous customers. These regions include; Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Washington DC, Conn. & Mass., Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Regional – East, USA, Alaska, Montana, Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, East WA, Washington, and Regional – West. Basically, each region’s group has around five to six boards where they discuss general topics such as sports, fetishes, special services, among other things. Please note that there are moderators for each of the boards; therefore, all your contributions must adhere to the site's general rules.

Clever Ways To Get Through The Site’s Boards And Discussions

Like most free sites, the TNABoard has a fair share of Ads and hidden misleading links. So, to avoid disappointments, you should probably hover your mouse over the section you intend to explore next to find out where it leads to, i.e., if its link has the TNABoard inscriptions on it. The only sections of the site you can access through the menu include; home, search, rules & FAQ, gallery, activity forum list, groups, calendar, and site updates. Their advanced search engine allows you to search for forums, providers, hobbyists, the days' posts, and the latest posts. Make sure to utilize the tools provided for each section to further filter the content to make your stay on the platform smooth.

The Membership Registration Process

Random users have limited access to the site, enough to give them a rough idea of what it is about. If they are interested in interacting with the members on the site or exploring more sections of the site, especially the galleries section, they have no choice but to sign-up for the site’s membership. Unfortunately, while the process is not all that complicated to follow, you can only activate your account via the confirmation email. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts either. However, the main requirements include; birth dates, username, secure password, and whether you are a hobbyist or advertiser/provider. Being a member means that you can participate in the forum discussions, access the whole site, and the Ads from your area, and you can message other members directly.

Rules Governing Members’ Interactions

To maintain the sanity in the discussion threads on various boards of the site, there are a couple of rules set aside by the TNABoard for all members to follow. They include:

  • Members are not allowed to provide any physical or contact information for their own personal safety.
  • Members are not to call each other abusive names, taunt, etc., for everyone is entitled to their opinion on this site.
  • Homophobic and racial talk is prohibited.
  • Members are not to post any pedophilic content nor discuss it.
  • Unless cleared, members are not to solicit on behalf of other websites on TNABoard.
  • Each member on the site is only allowed to hold a single account. Therefore, if you are found to have a couple of them, they shall be subject to deletion.
  • Members are not supposed to post negative uncalled for comments on Ads.
  • There shall be no threats or outing of fellow members nor their families.
  • Follow through the Ads contact details to contact individuals for services privately because public appointments are not allowed.
  • Any talks involving drugs or substance abuse are not allowed on the platform.
  • Members are to respect each other’s privacy by not posting private messages for other members to view publicly.
  • Don’t use the site to seek revenge for unrelated personal frustrations because the site is only about your experience with the escorts, not what happened before you got there or after.
  • The site is about honest reviews; therefore, members whose reviews suggest they have been paid to vouch for certain escorts will be dismissed from the platform.
  • Discussions between members involving exchange of sex for money and erotic photos are not allowed. This includes in the providers' posts.
  • It is important to read, understand and adhere to these guidelines in the platform at all times. Failure to adhere to any of the rules may land you one or two warnings forehand depending on your action's severity before complete dismissal.

What We Love About TNABoard

The TNABoard has a way of making escorting among other sex services seem like a norm. You will be surprised by how open-minded the thousands of users are even when providing tips and reviewing previous appointments they have had before. Basically, there is no better way to overcome your fear of the unknown than to actually get information from someone who has already conquered what you are up against. Even better, the regional subdivisions make the experience on the site more homely, given that you will be interacting with individuals from your area freely. Besides, the users are respectful in their interactions, and there are enough tools to help you explore the site’s exotic galleries and indulge in the hot insightful discussions.

What We Didn’t Like About TNABoard

Unfortunately, the forum-like site design requires some getting used to, which will not exactly be a walk in the park due to the recurrent intrusive Ads and misleading links. Users will also be forced to sign-up and request approvals to join and participate in the various board threads. The site is also pretty much dominated by existing customers, and you will hardly spot out any new service seekers.

Final Notes

Trusting random strangers to provide quality sex services and with your own security can be hard as far as escorting businesses go. However, TNABoard seeks to revolutionize the sex business by creating a platform for escorts and clients divided into the regions they cater to. Therefore, anyone wishing to hire any service providers gets to see their Ads inclusive of prices, service, hours, and general location and learn about what the previous clientele think of their services. Users socialize and talk about general topics regarding their regions and share tips on absolutely everything sex, no matter how vanilla, hardcore, extreme, or fetish, while expressing their love for various escorts. With that, it is only logical that any escort services seeker should want to join their own pack, and there is no better way to do so than by joining the TNABoard.


  • Honest Escorts Services Reviews
  • An Awesome, Secure, And Interactive Community
  • Access To Escorts Service Providers From Your Home Region


  • Requires Users To Sign-Up To Utilize The Site Fully
  • Takes Some Getting Used To For Newbies
  • Strict In Terms Of Language And Conduct