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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020
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The TorBrowser has been around for many years and is still evolving through the TorProject to meet your needs. It keeps you completely anonymous on the internet by hiding your IP address from anyone who wants to see it. That means that no one will be able to work out where you live or gain access to any of your personal data. This level of security comes at a price, though. You won’t be able to use any plug in or add ons if you want to keep yourself completely anonymous. Other programs like Flash and QuickTime will automatically be blocked to keep your IP and information completely safe and anonymous.
The onion browser works just like any other. It simply changes your public IP and places you in a totally different country. If you ever have to wonder whether or not it’s working, all you have to do is visit It will give you the homepage based on what it thinks your country of origin happens to be. If it’s in a foreign language, then you’ll appear to be from whatever that country happens to be to everyone. You’ll be free to browse as much as you want without ever compromising your privacy.
The only drawback of Tor Browser is that you’ll need a certain level of expertise to use the browser to its full potential. There are tons of mundane activities that can make you easier to track. Downloading, for instance, must be handled very carefully. If done wrong, your real IP will show up and be viewable by anyone who wants to see it. If you want to use the Tor, it’s best to join some message boards to really understand how it works.


  • Utilize a bridge if the Tor browser is blocked
  • browser blocks everyone from seeing your real IP
  • It’s totally free to use and open source


  • IT expertise need to use the onion browser
  • Flash, Real Player, QuickTime and other programs must be blocked
  • Additional add ons or plug ins are not recommended
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