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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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True Amateurs is filled with real women and couples who love to show themselves off. They actually advertise for new people to upload their porn, so you know that it’s all legitimate. You’re not going to find any porn stars simply pretending to be the men and women next door. Everything is organized with categories and tags so you can easily find exactly what you want to see. The quality is high, even though it’s all recorded by non-professionals. You can’t really find a better site for real amateurs who put effort into looking good and giving you hot action.
The Deepthroat category is where the site really stands out. You get to see the hottest blowjobs that porn has to offer. Of course, it’s still all done by amateurs. That means that it’s all played out to make each other feel good. No one is acting for the camera. It’s all real and will never disappoint you. The girls know exactly what their men want and they stop at nothing to give it to them. You can see the look of satisfaction on their faces at the end of it all when they can see that they succeeded.
The site runs well and you can check it all out with a two-day trial membership. It’s your best option for making sure that the site is for you. You’ll see very quickly that some of the categories are pretty bare. New updates come all of the time, but it always depends on what the amateurs want to upload. As long as your favorite category has a lot of videos, you’ll be able to enjoy it all. The girls even get profile pages so you can keep up with all of their new videos as they come out.


  • Both gift cards and crypto currency are accepted as payment
  • Deepthroat category has real women using their mouths for the real pleasure of men
  • Girls have their own profile pages to keep you up to date


  • No video previews at all
  • No comments or rating system
  • Some categories only have a few videos
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