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Last Updated on May. 26, 2020


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Is TSMate The Best Trans Cam Site?

TSMate is a specialty niche sex cam website. This provides many benefits to people who are explicitly looking for trans sex cam performers. While numerous sites do offer trans performers, few places have anywhere near the number that TSMate does. On this site, you get a wide range of personalities. The interface is well designed and easy to use as well, and there are plenty of filters and category pages to get you to those sexy vixens who will be getting you off the hardest.
First coming onto the scene in 2009, TSMate has the backing of prominent sex cam site Streamate. This adds to the high quality of the site. Streamate is an award-winning live cam site, and the features there are also found on TSMate

Features Of TSMate

I am a massive fan of features. Watching a hot chick spread their legs and make their ass accessible to my jerk off fantasies, with her hard dick in her hand stroking herself at the same time, is pure pleasure. There are tons of talented performers at TSMate. These gorgeous babes are a significant reason to head over to the site, but there are tons of other features to talk about as well.
TSMate has some shows that are open to the public, though most of the explicit action is found in the paid chat section. This attracts quality performers. You will need to create an account first. This requires you to put a payment method on the site and have it verified. To verify the payment method, a small charge is made to your card, but there is no monetary commitment required after this.
One of the larger perks of TSMate is that the charges for the shows on the site are paid and listed in real currency. Many sites make people purchase tokens, which are more challenging to keep track of because of the constant math involved. GOLD is also used on the site, which is similar to a token, but one gold costs one dollar, which makes keeping track of how much you are spending easy to do.

More About Sex Cam Performers At TSMate

GOLD has additional perks to it as well, as GOLD shows require tips from multiple users in most cases. Once a sex cam girls goal is met, and they have reached the amount of GOLD they need for the show, a GOLD show will commence. If the goal is not met, however, you get your GOLD back, which is fantastic.
There is a large variety of body types performing on TSMate, as well as many different personalities. This gives fans like me a lot of choices. I am a huge fan of choice, and TSMate checks off to of the most important boxes I use to determine the sites I like the most. First is quality and variety, and this includes personalities and body types but also pricing options. The babes at TSMate set their own rates, with some of them charging as little as one dollar per minute for private chat and as much as nine dollars or more for some performers. This means people of all budget types have options that can fit their needs.

A Note On Private Shows

Private shows on the website are not completely private. Other members can join in on the show, which makes them more similar to group shows or spy shows. The site uses an additional category, called an exclusive show, for people who want true one-on-one experiences. These shows cost more than the standard private show on the site.
I am a massive fan of negotiation on websites, and TSMate allows this. Keep in mind some general etiquette when negotiating on the website, however. While discounted blocks can be purchased, the discounts are sometimes set in advance. Be polite with the girls, show them your love and appreciation, and you can get a lot more adventure and excitement out of the shows you join in, whether they are gold shows, private shows, exclusive shows, or public shows.

Why Live Sex Cams?

There are tons of benefits to live sex webcam shows, though there are even more benefits to niche sites, particularly when you are into the niche being represented. At TSMate, there are over 2,300 babes. This would be a low number for most sex cam websites, but due to TSMate being a specialty site and only having trans cam performers, the number is quite large.
Live interaction often means that you are getting a show that people who are not watching it live will ever be able to see. This makes it unique and special, as does being able to communicate in chat with the performers during the show to get what you want. You also get to know them a little better on a personal level. There are fantastic filter options at TSMate that allow you to quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Options include whether or not the performer’s cock is cut or uncut, what their tit size is, how big their dick is, and their ethnicity.

Why TSMate?

As one of the top trans cam websites, the selection of performers you get is excellent. Being able to join shows and tip while knowing exactly how much you are giving, due to the tips being listed as currency, is a massive convenience. Each model has a profile page where you can read up on the fun they are into, as well as their stats and other sexual preferences. Another significant perk to the website is it’s easy to use interface. TSMate has put together a platform that is easy to use, provides a wide variety of gorgeous trans models, and also has a full-featured mobile website.
This site is a fantastic place for people to dive into the exploration of others that they are attracted to. Learn more about trans culture, and enjoy the beauty that comes from unique people who are following with who they are. There are many personalities on the site, as well as numerous body types. Trans people from all over the world share their love of sex with the planet, something to be cherished, appreciated, and adored.
TSMate is a website that is defined by its desire for community, happiness, joy, and pleasure. Many of the women on the site enjoy dancing, flirting, and getting to know their fans. There are hard orgasms in large numbers and the passion that is found at TSMate is incomparable.

Trans Cams on TSMate Provide A Unique Experience

For anyone who is curious about any aspect of sex, live cam shows have always been the best option. That’s because you can connect with someone who is really into the fetish you enjoy, has the exact look you are looking for, and wants to please you with every moment you share together online.
That fact is even more significant when you are talking about a trans cam performer, because whether you have access to trans women to date in your own life or not, the hundreds of hotties on a site like TSMate give you the ability to virtually date online and to learn everything you ever wanted to know about having sex with a transsexual sweetheart.
Go ahead and ask the questions that have been burning inside you, be sure to show your appreciation and always be respectful if you want to have the best experience online together. Now it is easier than ever to explore fantasies with the most exotic subset of cam performers because until recently trans cam girls were dispersed among so many different sites. Finally thanks to TSMate there is one cam site with enough critical mass to give you a great overview of all that the trans community can offer your sex life… one show and fetish flavor at a time from now until you are too exhausted to cum again!

Cons To TSMate

Free explicit content takes time to find on the website, so you can expect to have to create an account to enjoy the more hardcore raunchy action. You will need to provide a type of payment, which will be verified with a small charge, in order to create an account. After that, there are no subscription charges or additional fees required.
Most sites where models can set their own rates have a wide range of prices, depending on the model. There are many trans live cam performers that are priced on the lower end, but there are also performers who charge larger amounts of money.

Final Notes on TransCams

I have a thing for gorgeous women, and there are tons of them here. There are MtF and FtM sex cam performers on the site, though the second of those is less prominent. What you get here are tons of chicks with dicks, as well as other types of trans performers. I get excited about tons of small things that all add up to one impressive website. TSMate fits this description. The ability to pay in real currency is a major plus, and the familiar and easy to use interface is a huge attractor as well. TSMate has beautiful performers to help lead you to orgasmic bliss, so take advantage. Creating a free account can be done quickly and easily, and using the links on this page you can see what the site has to offer now.


  • Free account
  • Cam2Cam, Two-way Audio, and Voice-To-Voice
  • Prerecorded shows available
  • Hottest trans cam performers


  • Little free explicit content
  • Some SD cams
  • A wide range of model prices