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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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UFlash is a really fun free site that lets you watch men and women flashing themselves in public. All of the videos are uploaded by real users, so it’s always 100% amateur and homemade. What makes great to visit is the fact that all of the people are exhibitionists and you can see how men and women approach it differently. Most of the women on the site will willfully get naked in a public spot and touch themselves. The main goal is always to manage an orgasms before they get caught. It’s like taking part in a one person contest where you’re always rooting for an explosive outcome. The men take things a little bit differently. They’re main goal on UFlash is to pull out their dicks and get it seen by as many unsuspecting women as possible. It’s the perfect blend of sex and prank videos. Some of the women are offended, but you’ll definitely be surprised by how many of them stick around to enjoy the show.
There’s no doubt that the best category on UFlash is the Male Exhibitionist Flashing Videos section. It doesn’t matter if the guys happen to be on a bus or in their car. As soon as they see a woman around, they’re going to be pulling out their dicks. Sure, they’re going to jerk them, but they’re not looking to cum, necessarily. It’s the rush of seeing the women feign disgust before deciding to watch the whole thing out of the corner of their eye. It’s a lot of fun to watch.
UFlash gives you all of the highest rated videos right up on the home page. You don’t have to go looking for the good stuff. It’s all laid out for you as soon as you hit the site. You’ll need a paid membership for U Flash to download, but you can stream it all for free.


  • Great porn that never gets boring
  • The male exhibitionist flashing videos is entertaining
  • UFlash videos are free to stream


  • Ads before every video
  • Some videos are staged with typical porn story lines
  • Can't watch with ad blocker