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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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UnderHentai is a fun and easy to use hentai site with plenty of videos. You can download or stream anything that you want for free. Nothing is hosted on the site, so downloading means going to Mega Upload or getting a Torrent magnet. You’ll have to deal with whatever ads those sites put up, as well as the ads on this one. It can get to be a lot, but it means keeping everything here for free. You can comment without a site account, but you’ll need one for Disqus.
The Students category should be your first stop on Under Hentai. It’s filled with hot anime girls in their sexiest uniforms. The stories are all over the place, but most involve teachers. If you want to see action between two students, they have plenty of that as well. There’s really something for everyone. All you need is a desire to see hot and horny teens playing with everyone around them. They put a lot of effort into the stories, so the sex isn’t the only draw. There’s plenty of reason to keep coming back to see the new videos that get posted. There’s also a large archive to get yourself caught up on everything.
The UnderHentai site works well and you shouldn’t have any real problems. There are some video ads that loop in the sidebars, but they’re not overly distracting. They keep them small so you can focus on the videos that you actually want to see. Everything is organized so you can easily find it. There is a whole section dedicated to uncensored videos to check out. Most of the videos are subtitled with Japanese audio. There are also icons with every video to let you know that they’re there. If you want to read, but there are no subtitles, you can just move on without wasting your time.


  • Students category has hot young girls in uniform
  • Download and stream for free
  • Most videos at least 30 minutes long


  • Need Disqus account to comment
  • Lots of pop ups and redirects
  • No files hosted on site
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