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Last Updated on Apr. 8, 2020
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uTorrent has been around for years and there’s a good reason for it. Torrents are the best way to download files that you just can’t find easily. The difference between downloading a torrent and a regular file is very simple. While most files through web sites are located in one place, torrents are spread all across the internet. That means that you’re downloading separate chunks directly from other users. This keeps you anonymous and much safer than the traditional way of downloading. It also lets you share all of the files you want without having to worry about hackers.
The program is available in two different iterations for both advanced users and beginners. The beginner program is a browser plug in that lets you control it all right through your preferred program. The stand-alone program is for users who already know the program and how to utilize it best. Both of them are completely free to use, unless you want to go without ads or pay for complete anonymity. The things to look out for are all of the illegal files that you can find in your typical torrent search. These are pirated copies that can get you into trouble for copyright use claims.
uTorrent was one of the first torrent programs to come out and it’s been around ever since. It works exactly like it’s supposed to, although it’s very heavy on bandwidth. Since the files are coming from all over the world, a lot of your power has to be dedicated to pulling it down. The files also have to be shared by many people if you want to download it quickly. If only a few people have it, you have to wait until they’re online to be able to download the chunks that they have. If you want to torrent, this is the best way to do it.


  • Beginners and experienced versions available
  • Watch torrents while they’re still downloading
  • Free to use with access to all of the important features


  • Lots of illegal torrents that can get you into trouble
  • Secure downloading is only available for premium users
  • Very heavy on bandwidth
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