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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020


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VJAV has a ton of free clips that you can watch whenever you want. You won’t be able to find full-length videos, but all of the best parts are always here. The site does an amazing job of keeping the ads to a minimum. They have banners on the sides and bottom of every page, but that’s it. There aren’t many pop ups or redirects to have to deal with. You can totally ignore what’s there and just focus on the videos that you want to see. It’s easy to navigate and there are lots of categories to keep everything organized for you.
The Secretary category is where it’s really at here. It’s something you can’t really find all over the internet. All of the videos take place in the workplace or with coworkers. If you’ve ever had coworkers that you were allowed to look at, but not touch, this is where you want to be. It’s the best fantasy fulfillment that anyone with a job can really understand. They also touch on a lot of different niches. You can find facials, bondage, S&M and lesbians all in the same area. They keep the Secretary fetish at the forefront and just let it all fly.
The only drawback on VJAV is the lack of high definition videos. A lot of the porn is older. That means that it’s in 4×3 and lower quality. It doesn’t look terrible, so it’s not a huge deal. It’s just not the place to be if you need everything to look like it’s happening in front of you. You can stream it all for free, but there are no downloads. You can also mouse over any thumbnail to see a clip of what’s in store for you. It makes for a really fast and satisfying experience.


  • Video previews play on every thumbnail
  • Rate and comment on all videos
  • Secretary category caters to anyone with hot coworkers


  • High definition videos are very rare to find
  • Most videos are clips from full length movies
  • No downloads for any of the videos