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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020
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VLC Media Player

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VLC Media Player is one of the best players that you can download. It works on all platforms and can be used on both desktop and your mobile device. It does a great job of controlling anything that you want to play. If you have multiple players for multiple uses, this can replace them all. It works with video files, audio files, CDs, DVDs, and even webcams. It can simplify your entire life and it’s totally free to use. There are never any ads and never any upsells to deal with while you’re enjoying your media.
It’s easy to install and starts working right away. The only problem you’ll have to deal with are codecs. While a lot of them are already supported, not all files will work right away. That’s why it’s best to have a little bit of a working knowledge before you start using the program. You can easily download something that will leave you with a virus. There are also plenty of fake files out there that will direct you to dangerous software. VLC is very widely used and there are always people willing to take advantage of it.
The program is fairly lightweight and won’t bog your system down. It also comes with total video and audio control. You can play your videos back in multiple speeds and you can adjust brightness, contrast and color. It puts you in total control of how you watch your videos and is perfect for someone with an expensive monitor. It’s definitely worth the time to learn how it all works if quality is important to you and you don’t want tons of players on your hard drive. This one player will work for pretty much any file you can throw at it.


  • VLC Media Player plays everything
  • It runs on all platforms and operating systems
  • It’s totally free to use all of the features


  • Some files will require codecs to be downloaded
  • Users need some video expertise to navigate different file types
  • It constantly asks for donations
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