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Last Updated on May. 25, 2020
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WestSluts a Fantastic Game

WestSluts is a top adult site that focuses on bringing the best porn games to its members but also provides a lot of other content for its fans to enjoy. People are always emailing me and asking me what great sites are for getting a little bit of everything. Sometimes they’re looking for other things not even knowing that porn games exist. To me, getting a little bit of everything includes having some amazing XXX games to check out. For those interested in porn films, animated scenes, and porn games, WestSluts offers all of them. Here I am going to dive into what a membership to My Gamer Vault entails.
Membership to WestSluts actually gets you a membership to the My Gamer Vault site. This website is well known and has a large variety of games for your enjoyment. With over 400 games on the site, with different varieties like dating simulators, puzzle games, card games, RPG games, fighting games, and more, there is something for everyone.

What Comes With Membership To WestSluts?

WestSluts does include the titular game to the site, which is a fantastic game that is easy to play, has excellent graphics, and has some of the most beautiful women in porn game history.
Membership also includes over 400 other games, providing many fantastic opportunities for getting off hard and staying entertained. The majority of the games here are fantastic, though some of them are a little bit more difficult to play and not as well put together. In any group of 400 games, you are likely to get a few of these, however. Overall the games are incredible, and there are enough to keep game lovers and porn lovers occupied for years.
Bonus content is also included with WestSluts. This includes 3D rendered porn movies. It is a category that many people do not have access to nearly enough of. Finding a porn website that has games, 3D rendered porn movies, amateur porn clips, and high-quality porn DVDs is a highlight of my day. There are many other highlights for me today, with so many positives to touch base on. I ended up spending more time at WestSluts than I thought I would just for the review, this site is a joy to be reviewing. I will be returning here to play more games later too.

Features Of WestSluts

One significant positive of membership to WestSluts is the amount of content the website offers. Many high-quality games are featured, which as the gaming site is fantastic. The over 1,500 rendered porn scenes give an added bonus to make the website membership even more worthwhile. Adding additional bonus porn movies, including DVDs that feature some of the porn industry’s top stars, and you have a complete package ready for consumption. The movies and games are suited for shorter sessions or longer ones, which is fantastic.

Webcam Options Also Available

Also, WestSluts has webcam feeds available in the site. Bringing access to every type of porn that you want all in one place, WestSluts has done it in a way that is easy to navigate and use. The website is mobile-friendly, and there are fantastic ways to search and browse each of the types of porn that are offered. The porn games offer a wide variety of themes, including BDSM, college coed, MILF, taboo, fantasy, hentai, and many others. With the porn movies it is the same, offering categories like nubile babes, BBW, lesbian porn, group sex porn, BDSM, and more.
People enjoy the rendered movies, which include magic and fantasy, and also more realistic 3D rendered XXX scenes. With the live sex action that comes with the sex cams, all of your bases are covered.

More About The Games

Some of the games on this website are easier than other games. I am a huge fan of the variety when it comes to this as well. Some games are all about sex, right from the first scene through to the end. Other games bring separate elements into the picture. This includes games that have fighting, games that have strategy, puzzle games, and more. Solving puzzles to get to the fantastic scenes with gorgeous babes can be extremely rewarding, though sometimes people just want to find a babe in a more story-based game quickly. All of these things can happen at WestSluts.
The more complex games often have multiple elements that need to be pursued. Having money is a mechanism for purchasing things can add some challenge, and sexual experience points, fighting points, and intelligence are often parts of these games as well. There is so much here, and I am excited to share it with you. You can get the best prices for porn games available by following the links here at TheCamDude.

Positives For WestSluts

I have come across porn games here that I intended to try out for a quick 15 minutes to get an idea of the gameplay and ended up playing for hours. Coming back to these games over and over again through multiple days is a testament to the quality that some of these game developers bring to the table. I enjoy multiple genres of games and different types of plotlines; I like to try tons of different games out. This gives me a fantastic perspective on whether games are excellent, good, or so-so. WestSluts has a ton of fantastic games on the site.
Utilizing a mobile-friendly website has many conveniences. Playing porn games and watching porn on a tablet is a massive convenience, allowing you to play in bed or other places easily, and I am a big fan. Some sites are better at providing mobile capability than others, and WestSluts does a great job.

More Great Site Features

The sheer amount of content available at WestSluts is fantastic. Everything fans are looking for can be found here, even live sex cam feeds. 3D rendered videos are not always easy to find, and there are a large number of them here. Full DVDs of non-game, non-animated porn are also included with the website, giving an entire spectrum of adult entertainment. You can find girls licking pussy and using strap-ons, straight sex, threesomes, BDSM, and more. Creampie porn films and squirting porn videos are also included and can be found in the games, rendered videos, and bonus porn scenes.
Value is important when it comes to making purchases. There is a lot of value to WestSluts, bringing massive amounts of content to your screen. Using the links at TheCamDude, get the top prices for porn available. I have reached out to find the best porn deals available for you, so anytime you are looking to purchase a porn membership, swing by the site here to read the review and head to the sites you like.

Cons To WestSluts

Every site out there will have pros and cons to it, and WestSluts is no different. Fortunately, the negatives to WestSluts are small and do not affect the overall enjoyment of the site. There are some advertisements on WestSluts, though the effect they have on my experiences minimal. Some areas of the website, such as the live sex cam section, have more advertisements than others. The games themselves do not have advertisements within them.
While WestSluts has tons of high-quality games and fantastic graphics and gameplay, these games are created by a wide range of developers, and some are better than others. A few of them, a small percentage overall, are pretty bad. Some people do enjoy these games, but most tend to stick with the higher-rated sex games on the site. You can see how people are rating the games and check out a brief description before entering into a game.
Another feature that could be beneficial to the site is the ability to search and sort through multiple types of categories at the same time. If you are looking for satisfaction in the MILF genre, you will need to go to each section and search if you are not sure whether you want to play a porn game, watch porn DVDs, or find MILFs on cam. Most of the time, I know what I’m looking for out of these things, so it is not a big deal, but every once in awhile, I know I am looking for nubile sex and unsure of which category to go to first.

Final Thoughts

WestSluts has tons of games, free bonus porn, fantastic 3D rendered movies, and is mobile friendly. Tons of genres are represented in high-quality porn games. The graphics are fantastic, and the website is easy to navigate. WestSluts has put together a website that is worth taking a look at. There are thousands of hours of entertainment available on the site, and a large range of categories. Using the links at TheCamDude, you can find the best prices for porn available quickly. Creating an account at WestSluts only takes a few minutes, and you will be enjoying over 400 porn games, plus tons of bonus content, shortly. Head over to the site today.


  • Fantastic Sorting Options
  • Many High Quality Games
  • Excellent Porn Game Variety


  • Some Advertisements
  • A Few Bad Games
  • Could Improve Search Options