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Last Updated on May. 27, 2020
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Xbnat is an Arab porn site that’s totally free for anyone to use. They don’t have any restrictions when it comes to the number of videos that you can watch in a day. There are constant updates coming out all of the time. There are pop ups and redirects to deal with, but they work to keep the site free. The only real problem is with the ads that are disguised as videos. They look like real videos until they suddenly end and advertise a premium porn site. All of the text is in Arabic, so you’ll have to translate the site with your browser.
The Incest Sex category on Xbnat is where you can have the most fun here. It’s filled with taboo family sex that usually takes it all a step further. There are plenty of step mothers having sex with their step sons, but it’s usually done in front of the fathers. You can also find a whole lot of step mothers walking in on their step daughters getting ready to have sex with their boyfriends. The step mothers then force their step daughters to watch them fuck their boyfriends right in front of them. It’s a lot of fun to add so much cuckolding and cuckqueaning to the incest porn.
The Xbnat site works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. It’s easy to use and everything you need is right in front of you. You can browse around or you can use the search bar to find what you want to see. It’s all organized with plenty of categories and tags to keep it all neat. The design is very simple so it will run on any kind of system that you have. It’s best used with Chrome so you can easily translate the text without having to install a plug in.


  • Incest Sex section is filled with cuckolding and cuckqueans
  • Rate anything you want without making an account
  • New updates are constantly coming out


  • Everything is written in Arabic
  • Lots of pop ups and redirects to deal with
  • No way to download anything