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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020
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X Booru is a free site that’s filled with a lot of porn. You can find pretty much anything here. There are thousands of hentai images to check out. There are also lots of live cosplays with gorgeous girls. There are even celebrity photoshops that you can download and keep on your computer. The only problem with having so much varied content is that it’s not really organized. You’ll see it all mashed together on the homepage. This includes both gay and straight images. An anime girl taking off her clothes can be right next to an image of two real men having sex with celebrity faces pasted on top of them.
The Nude category on Xbooru is where you can get your real fix of hentai. It’s guaranteed to all be completely uncensored. You won’t have to deal with pixilation or blurring at all. It’s the largest category and has tens of thousands of images for you to check out. You can also download anything that you want. There’s a link on every page to the full size image. Just right click on it and you can pull it down onto your hard drive. The images are all high quality and a lot of fun.
The site works pretty well, but the organization is terrible. You never know what you’re going to see when you open up the homepage. You’ll also need an account if you want to comment on anything. There’s no rating system to play with, either. You’ll just have to check out the hentai and judge it for yourself. As long as you’re okay with a lot of browsing and a site that’s set up like a blog, then you’ll be okay. There’s so much to see here that you can spend weeks on it and still have most of it to go.


  • Filled with original hentai, live cosplay and celebrity fakes
  • Download original images for free
  • Nude category lets you see everything without censorship


  • Gay and straight images are all mixed in together with no way to separate them
  • Annoying pop up and animated ads
  • Need account to comment