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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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xHamster Pics

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xHamster Photos is filled with pics that are uploaded by the users of the porn site. Everything is free and you can download whatever you want. There are a lot of great sets that get posted by the actual porn stars that you’re already watching. You can see them behind the scenes or check out their naughty personal photos. Most of the pics are uploaded by the guys who find them somewhere else and want to share. That means that a lot of the series will just be collections of different women that someone likes. It’s all organized into categories, so they still touch on the same niches and can get the job done.
The best category on xHamster pictures is Public Nudity. This is where you can see both amateurs and porn stars hanging out and having a good time. You won’t really see any hardcore action, but you’ll get to enjoy hot girls taking off their clothes for an audience. Since it’s all uploaded by both professionals and amateurs, the quality is all over the place. Some of the images are high quality and well lit. Others are taken on phones and fairly dark. That just means that there’s something for everyone. It’s worth a look is you love the naked body.
The xHamster pics section is professionally designed and runs just as well as xHamster. You’ll be able to see any of the sets in a slideshow that plays automatically. You can also adjust the speed to make sure you can take everything in. A simple right click will let you download anything that you want to keep forever. You can rate and comment on anything that you want. It’s difficult to follow amateurs since most of them are uploaded by guys who want to share their collections. It’s much easier if you like pornstars, though. You can see everything that they get up to when they’re not on set.


  • Lots of amateur pics from xHamster users
  • Download anything you want for free
  • Public Nudity category shows hot girls getting naked where anyone can see


  • Quality varies greatly
  • Redirects on your first few clicks
  • Difficult to follow favorite girls
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