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Last Updated on May. 28, 2020
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XlecX (XcartX)

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XlecX (XcartX) is a great porn comic site with a large archive and new updates coming all of the time. It’s all created by independent artists and writers. That means nothing is stopping them from doing the kind of work that they would want to see. There are lots of parodies and the people who make them do it because they enjoy it. It’s all completely free to use and you can rate and comment on anything that you want. There’s a large user base of people who love to talk about all of the comics they come across.
The Yuri category is filled with great stories of lesbians having sex. Sometimes they’re simple and straightforward. Other times they’re involved stories of first time lesbian encounters. They usually range in length from fewer than ten pages to over thirty of them. There’s something for everyone on XlecX (XcartX) and, like the other categories, there are lot of parodies. Most of the artists add other fetishes to their lesbians stories. Stories like Peridot’s Curiosity show is what happens when lesbians play with feet. Other stories like Endurance Test are all about tentacles and orgasm control. It’s a lot of fun to check out and keep coming back to find the latest from your favorite creators.
The XlecX site works really well and is easy on any system. There aren’t any heavy flash animations to slow down your computer. There’s a search bar to find something specific, or you can use the categories to browse all of the new arrivals. There are pop ups and redirects to deal with while you click around. Just make sure to close them out as they show up. They can end up crashing your system if you leave too many of them open. It’s a great site with a lot of great comics for you to read.


  • Yuri category is filled with girls loving girls
  • Rate and comment on anything you want
  • Tons of comics with a large archive


  • No way to download full books
  • Can’t play anything as a slideshow
  • Lots of pop ups and redirects to deal with
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