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Last Updated on Apr. 2, 2020
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The YouJizz homepage is great especially because underneath the logo You Jizz is the words, “Yes, sir!” I am happy because I am continuously laughing at this good nature message. I jizz, you jizz, we all jizz! is straightforward with porn being the main message. There is also a basic navigation bar up top but otherwise, there are hundreds of thumbnails of porn flicks, one after the other, like trees in the Amazon rainforest.

There are nice previews available to view before opening any of the videos and all you have to do is move the mouse over top the thumbnail to sneak a peek. The quality of clarity is of top-notch esteem and there seems to be no wait time for the preview to start. There are a bunch of search options to experience at the top of the homepage like newest videos, and top videos. With the top videos, you can further the search to indicate a length of time like top videos of the month or the year.

You do have to register an account to view any of the videos on the sex site but it’s totally worth it and should only take a few moments of your time. There are also plenty of other sexy options to experience on You Jizz like ‘Meet & Fuck,’ ‘Live Porn’, ‘Porn Games’, and much more to try out.

YouJizz may have some advertisements to get through however overall, the porn website is pretty amazing. It offers great free sexual content and various ways to experience sexuality. There are HD videos and also has an interesting layout.


  • Plenty of videos to enjoy
  • Simple interface
  • Great options to explore


  • Advertisements